Our Core Manifesto

We wish to build a community in which people both can and want to use their skills to the fullest. It is important to ensure stability in economics and to maintain trust in politics and the government’s institutions. We only engage in factual debates and contribute to decent polity with an emphasis on transparency and good morals.

Public interest instead of private interest. Each individual, home and company shall be treated equally.

Natural resources belong to the entire nation. They are to be used sensibly and paid for in quotation.

Social justice that is based in unison and with responsibility ensures equal rights to education and welfare services.

Western co-operation increases the nation’s prosperity and is the foundation of Iceland’s strong competitiveness.

Equal rights contribute to increased prosperity and ensures every individual the freedom to utilize their talents to the fullest.

The consumer’s stake are to be held at the forefront.

A vibrant cultural life is essential for every nation and should be supported and strengthened.


An open, enlightened and a factual debate is necessary in order for the best decisions to be made. Clear access to information is the prerequisite to any knowledge. The government’s obligation to inform ought to be enforced. The constitution’s revision needs to be completed in cohesion in order to, among others things, empower direct democracy for the public to have their say in important matters. The triple division of government ought to be honed. Every vote should weigh the same, no matter where you live in the country. Private interest shall yield to public interest.

Liberalism and equality

Each individual should be able to portray their own views and do as they please, so long as their freedom does not recoil on someone else’s. Public administration ought to be open and transparent. The government’s decisions should be founded upon clear goals and information on conflict of interests, so as to make sure that their decisions are not questionable in any manner.


A comprehensive, public health care system ought to be run based on the public’s vested interest. It should be managed and organised in such a way that funds will be spent as well as possible. For Iceland it is important to ensure that its health care staff is well educated with access to the latest equipment and technology which is efficient to operate in Iceland. Everyone should have equal access to health care, education and social welfare services. A vibrant economy based on competition creates income that sustains a powerful education- and welfare system. Social justice prospers when freedom, responsibility, solidarity and human rights are at the forefront in the Icelandic community.

Our welfare system should encourage everyone to utilize their skills and strengths to their fullest and make sure that anyone with the ability to work can do so. Systematic contributions are to be made to ensure a family-driven community that can measure up to the Nordic countries, in housing affairs among others. A well educated and talented nation is the economy’s foundation. For these reasons alone we must offer a variety of study lines that work with the country’s industrial policies. Economic prosperity and uptrends are based upon knowledge and innovation.

Competition and consumers

Competition, decent business ethics and a free market provide austerity and enable economic growth, public prosperity and innovation in all fields. Marketing solutions ought to be utilized as widely as possible, where they are fitting. State and municipalities should not be dealing with competitive management, but rather to provide essential services in fields that the public interest requires. A stable economic environment makes foreign investment more likely. The consumer’s rights should be above private interest. Both the public and companies should not live by needlessly higher expenditure than in competitive countries. Barriers in international competitive fields ought to be eliminated.

Environment and stability    

Each generation should leave the land in either the same or a better state for the coming generation, in regards to both environmental- or natural resources. Both the making of capital goods and protecting the land shall coincide. An untouched nature is a resource in itself. The state’s and municipality treasury operations should be without deficit and debts as little as possible.

A clear legislation should lay the framework for the economy, with stability and amacroeconomic precautionary approach at the forefront. Business methods ought to be based upon good morals, trust and security.

A nation among nations

Economic stability, competitiveness and living standards are to be, at the very least, as good as in Iceland’s neighbouring countries. Cooperating with other Nordic countries, and other western nations in general has increased prosperity and welfare that is built upon the strong foundations of liberty, welfare, law and justice. The nation should vote immediately on continuing talks for a full membership in the European Union, in order for a membership deal to be obtained which would then be voted on. Iceland should partake in international relief work, such as receiving refugees.

Any feedback on this resolution can be sent to the following e-mail address:

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