What is viðreisn?

A new, liberal political party in Iceland

Just society

Everyone should have access to healthcare, education and social services. Living standards in Iceland should be in alignment with other Nordic nations.


A stable economy and diverse employment opportunities. Creating value through innovation and more efficient usage of resources. Balanced finances and low national debt.


We believe in market solutions, abolishing capital controls and removing barriers to competition. Freedom, equality, democracy and equal voting rights for all.

Western co-operation

Western co-operation increases the nation’s prosperity and is the foundation of Iceland’s strong competitiveness.

Support Viðreisn

Viðreisn relies on donations from individuals and companies. The minimum donation we receive is 750 kr.

If the monthly payment option is selected then you will be charged until a request is made for the payment to stop.

Most donators choose monthly payments of between 2.000 and 15.000 kr.

We appreciate your support.


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