Viðreisn (The Liberal Reform Party) is a liberal and international-minded political party. Its policy and work are based on equal rights and the ideology of liberalism. The core manifesto of Viðreisn is based on four foundations: Liberalism and equal rights, a just society, a stable economy and international cooperation.


Viðreisn wishes to build a just society in which public interest is prioritised over private interest and all individuals, homes and businesses receive equal treatment.


Liberalism and Equal Rights

Liberalism, freedom and equal rights are the guiding principles of Viðreisn in all areas. The people of Iceland deserve equal opportunities and those without ought to be supported.


● Viðreisn wants a free and open society in which a balance between the freedom of individuals, equal rights and compassion reigns.

● We reject all manner of gender-based discrimination.

● We celebrate diversity and make sure that no one ought to suffer for belonging to a marginal group.

● Everyone should have the right to health care, education and social services.

● Viðreisn protects and respects the freedom of opinion- and speech as well as the right for all individuals to develop and nurture their own talents to the fullest on their own terms.

● Natural resources belong to the nation and they ought to be used in a sustainable and reasonable manner. Any access to them ought to be paid for with a market price.

● Viðreisn wishes for every generation to leave the environment and renewable resources in either the same condition or a better one for coming generations.

● Power should be distributed and creativity stimulated in all possible areas as well.

● Viðreisn wants a free and open market that provides people and businesses actual opportunities that pave the way for new ideas and innovation.

● Viðreisn rejects monopolies and oligopolies that limit freedom and oppose equal rights.

● We place consumer interest in the high seat at all times.


A just Society

Among the core principles of a successful society is respecting human rights. Those need to be secured and protected under the framework of a constitutional state with reliable establishments.


● Human rights are an integral part of liberalism and they ought to be promoted in all areas.

● Human rights are the prerequisite for progress and stability that only an active democracy can ensure.

● A just society is based on a healthy and active constitutional state.

● Respect for human rights is the prerequisite for general trust towards authorities and public institutions.

● Human rights revolve around the greatest values of human life. The community must never let its guard down towards individual rights.


A Stable Economy

The making of capital goods with inventiveness and a sensible utilisation of resources, with the future in mind, are necessary conditions for a stable economy, competitiveness and standard of living that should be at the very least on par with Iceland’s neighbouring countries. A stable economy can only be achieved with a stable currency.


● Viðreisn wants an economy that takes into account the poor and the common interest of the community that we build.

● It is necessary to re-examine our current monetary policy in order to ensure a competitive interest rate and to lessen the effects of currency fluctuation on the general public as well as companies. Those goals can be best achieved with the adoption of the euro.

● A stable economy will not be sustained without social stability. Equality, equal rights and social mobility need to be ensured.

● The managing of the state treasury ought to be with moderate debt and without any deficit.

● Unhindered competition contributes to increased prosperity for all people by means of innovation, increased supply and lower commodity prices. Restrictive practices ought to be abolished in both domestic and international competetive fields.

● A free market and decent business ethics provide austerity and contribute to economic advances. Clear legislation frames the economy with stability and macroeconomic cautionary points at the forefront.


International cooperation

The nations of the world must work together in order to solve the many tasks that involve all people. Iceland should be active in the international community and contribute to peaceful cooperation and increased business between nations. Western co-operation has boosted the nation’s prosperity and is the prerequisite for Iceland’s strong competetiveness. The European Union is the right pathway for a liberal Iceland.


● Cooperating with other nations is necessary for Icelanders. We must be as active as possible in working with other nations. Private interest must always yield to the public interest in all such association.

● Collaborating with other Nordic countries, the European Economic Area cooperation, the NATO membership and Iceland’s participation in the United Nations have proven successful for Iceland.

● Full membership in the European Union contributes to increased prosperity in Iceland.

● The cooperation of nations both ensures and protects human rights, contributes to peace, is necessary in order to tackle environmental issues, increases consumer protection and further secures the rights of wage earners.

● It is imperative for Iceland to do its best in regards to environmental issues and to work together with all nations on solutions.

● Iceland ought to be ambitious in international relief work, development aid and in receiving refugees.


X-Clear vision for Reykjavík Viðreisn’s policy in a nutshell