X-Clear vision for Reykjavík

Viðreisn’s policy in a nutshell

We want kindergartens to be free for 5 year old children 6 hours a day.

We want more professional freedom for teachers and schools so that decisions can be made next to the students themselves.

We want for larger workplaces to be able to run their own kindergarten.

We want a school system that is internationally competitive.

We want elementary schools to be free for everyone, regardless of their operating form, in order for people to have more choices.

We want better integration of school and leisure activities to improve the working day of children.

We are going to reduce property taxes to make it cheaper to run a business in Reykjavík.

We are going to run the city fund, without a deficit, from the middle of the election period.

We intend to streamline operations and reduce the number of councils, committees and divisions in the city.

We do not want the City of Reykjavík to be in competitive business, but rather to increase private operation through tenders and sell its properties.
We intend to continue simplifying the system with digital services.

We intend to continue the record building that has taken place in Reykjavík.

We intend to follow the OECD’s recommendations and simplify the entire construction framework so that it will be quicker and cheaper to build in Reykjavík.

We want to continue to consolidate settlements and build new districts in Skerjafjörður, Ártúnshöfði and Keldur.

We want the airport in Vatnsmýri to give way and replace it with dense, mixed settlements

We intend to accelerate the development of Borgarlínan (e. City Line) and thus increase Reykjavík’s transport options.

We intend to increase the number of shared cars and want them to be accessible in all districts of Reykjavík.

We want to expand the walking area of the city and create a public park at Skólavörðuholt.

We support Sundabraut, and wish to make sure that it shortens routes for all modes of transport.

We want pet accidents to be recorded.

We support various forms of operation in welfare services.

We want to increase the number of special housing solutions for disabled people by 100 during the election period.

We want to see more playground equipment for disabled children so that everyone can enjoy themselves in the city.

We intend to increase the number of NPAs in line with government plans.

We want more freedom of choice in the food services of the elderly.

We intend to formulate a policy for the night-time economy and extend the opening hours of entertainment venues in specific areas in order to reduce the disturbance in the city center.

We want the youth queer community center to be fully funded in partnership with neighboring municipalities.

We want to equalize pay in Reykjavík sports.

We want more libraries open in the evenings.